Why Ziploc is My Must-Have Travel Item

imageWe’ve just back come from a mini vacation to Washington DC. Today, I wanted I share why I love, love, love! Ziploc® bags and bring a ton of them whenever I travel.

I use a couple of them to hold our toiletries.
I no longer use a toiletry case. Airport security makes me take them out of the kikay kit anyway.

They make a great wet/dry/dirty bag.
I’ve kept puked-on/peed-on clothes (his and mine) in them and the mess (and stink!) never escaped into my purse. And when Carlo played at a splash pad at the National Zoo in DC, having an extra Ziploc® bag in my backpack proved to be really handy for his soaked clothes.

They protect my electronics from water damage.
On our honeymoon, we fried our iPod because it got wet from the rain (even if it was in Charlie’s backpack). Since then, I’ve learned to bring a Ziploc® bag in my purse to protect my phone, camera and other gadgets in case it does rain while we’re out and about.

They are handy catch-alls for ephemera, souvenirs, and toddler toys.
I’m the type who brings home all the maps from our travels. I also collect calling cards, coasters, napkins and other paper items as souvenirs.  All of these ephemera go into a Ziploc® bag.

We also bought Carlo a couple of toys on this trip. But I didn’t want to bring home the boxes/packaging, which are really bulky. Besides, he couldn’t wait to play with them and opened them as soon as we were back in our hotel room. So when it came time to pack for our trip back home, I just stuffed all the toys into one large Ziploc®.

No need for an extra diaper bag!
I just put a couple of diapers, an extra set of clothing and a travel pack of wipes into one large Ziploc® bag. That went into my backpack.  Done.

I use them as an ice pack to keep drinks cold.
I bring a little soft-sided cooler for Carlo because I pack a sippy cup and an empty water bottle for his milk. Milk isn’t always available where we go for the day; so, we buy a big jug or box of milk from a grocery/market/convenience store and store it in our hotel room’s fridge.

Each day before we head out, I fill up a Ziploc® bag with ice. (There is usually an ice machine on each hotel floor.) Then I double bag it in a another bigger Ziploc®. (The 2nd bag is to hold the condensation from the bag full of ice. No leaks, I promise!)

During the day, I simply dump out the ice and ask our server (if we’re at a restaurant) or the barista (if we’re at Starbuck’s or Dunkin Donuts) to refresh it with new ice.

If we’re at the airport, I’ll dump out the ice before the security check. Then once done and we’re waiting to board, I again ask one of the restaurants/coffee shops for ice. You could even ask your flight attendant on the plane for ice; which is what I did on the transpacific flights between Toronto and Manila.

Ok. Enough gushing. This is not a sponsored post, btw. I just really love the product.   However, their official site does have a ton of other tips. You can read them here.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your must-have travel item?

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    • Garbage bags for soiled clothing! That’s a great idea! Thanks Kat! I ended up using several grocery plastic bags for our dirty clothes and was washing I had a ginormous Ziploc so that it was all together. I’ll pack a garbage bag the next time we travel.