Why I Will Always Be Late

Today, I had lunch with my friends. Old friends who know me and love me. So when I took one look at Addie and knew she wasn’t going to be ready in time for our 11 AM meet-up, I texted Janelle, one of my oldest friends, and asked if we could move lunch to 1130.

I thought I had given myself, Addie, and Tammy more than enough time to get ready. When I finally got everyone into the car, I sent a happy text that we were on our way. I was very proud of myself. Then a few minutes later, I got a text: “we’re all here already.” What?! I looked at the time and it was already 11:46! How did that happen?! I was so proud thinking I had gotten my kids out of the house early! At 11:10, in fact.

I thought back to that moment: I had looked at the time on my phone, chucked it in my bag, then gotten the girls down the stairs. But when we had gotten down, Tammy’s and Addie’s water bottles needed to be filled, Addie had to check if she had everything she needed, I had to see if Tammy’s food was ready, we had to load everything into the car – then we finally could go.

Apparently, it took longer than I’d thought. This was just today. It always takes forever to get Addie moving and now that there’s Tammy too — I also have to make sure she and her enormous bag are ready. Never mind my hair, my clothes, my face. Before, those were all I had to take care of but now, forget about that.

So that is why I will always be late….r than usual. And because I was always late even before I had kids, you now understand why this for me is a total disaster.

But the good thing is, I’m trying even harder now to be on time. So that means I’m just going to be late instead of insanely late. Which for me and my incredibly slow moving eldest, is already a huge feat.

Wish me luck. I (and whoever we are meeting) am going to need it!

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  1. Ines! Nice one! Ako naman, I hate being late! As in, I get really super nervous when I know I’m going to be late, and when I get there, everybody’s so chill about it! Dakila is like you; he’s always late, and it doesn’t bother him at all! Waaah!!!