Weekend Link Love | List 9


Every year, I look forward to getting the Hammacher Schlemmer Christmas catalog in the mail. I have yet to order anything from them though. Hahaha! But I love leafing through the pages and seeing what unusual things they have for sale. My favorite from last year’s catalog was this: a Life Size Tyrannosaurus skeleton. Stan (he has a name!) can be yours for, oh, only US$100,000. 😉

Anyway, for this weekend’s list, I thought that a round-up of some items from this year’s catalog would make for a light, entertaining read.

1. The Bearded BeanieThe Bearded Beanie
I thought this was a hoot. It would be a hilarious gift for a little kid, sort of like those moustache pacifiers they have for babies. And is it just me, but doesn’t the model look like Hugh Jackman? Must be the beard. 🙂

2. The Couturier's Christmas TreeThe Couturier’s Christmas Tree
I wish this were a real dress (the skirt has lights!) but it’s not. It’s just for decor. Still, wouldn’t it be an awesome dress? But then, come to think about it, how would you sit down? Those plastic, prickly evergreen leaves would be a nightmare!

3. HS_tarantulaThe RC Giant Tarantula
This remote control spider is 12″ wide and 8″ long. It creeps and crawls. It’s even hairy! It would be perfect for Halloween or to freak out guests at your holiday parties.

4. HS_bumbleThe 15 Ft. Inflatable Bumble The Snow Monster
Do you guys remember Bumble from that claymation classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? I think that a 15-foot snow monster is just the perfect thing to grace the front of your house, don’t you? I haven’t seen anything like him in the stores ever. So awesome!

5. HS_snoopyThe Snoopy And Friends 17′ Inflatable Sleigh
Now, this inflatable just makes me smile as I’m a Snoopy fan. Plus this one might actually be more acceptable to Carlo than Bumble. Aren’t the “reindeer” cute?

6. HS_shooting_gameThe Hovering Target Shooting Game
I can’t help but think that a number of my adult friends would get a kick out of this toy. I think they’d be a great activity at get togethers, especially after people have already had a few. Hehehe.

7. HS_skatesThe Sidewinding Circular Skates
I didn’t even know these existed! They look like something out of the movie Back to the Future. But they’re real! There are YouTube videos of people using them. Neat-o!

8. HS_nap_pillowThe Power Nap Head Pillow
I think this is the perfect travel pillow if you don’t want to be disturbed by anyone. Best to use only if you’re travelling alone though, so your loved ones don’t take pictures of you and post them on social media. Hahaha!

9. HS_toasterThe Selfie Toaster
Because maybe you’d like to spread some peanut butter all over your own face or your husbands? Hahaha.

10. HS_watercraftThe Amphibious Sub-Surface Watercraft
And to wrap up this weekend’s round-up is this dandy vehicle that could be yours for US$300,000! I love that the catalog says to “Consult local ordinances for road legal use.”

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I am in no way affiliated with Hammacher Schlemmer. I just happen to think these 10 things are lots of fun!

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