Weekend Link Love | List 8


Last week, for Halloween, Carlo came home with a trick or treat bag filled with all these awesome little gifts from his classmates and his teachers. So nice! I didn’t know that they did this (i.e., the little treat gifts) here in Canada because I never experienced it myself growing up. [To my mommy-friends/daddy-friends, do you give out little treats to your children’s classmates for Hallowen in the Philippines? Elsewhere?] Anyway, I want to come up with something for Christmas because Carlo loves his teachers and his friends at school and Christmas is the next major holiday. BUT I don’t want to spend a lot. AND yet I want the gift to be fun. So, this weekend’s list is a round-up of Christmas teacher and classmate gift ideas that I’m toying around with.

1. eos_balm-tags“You’re the balm!”
All of Carlo’s teacher’s this year are female so I thought that this lip balm gift would be cute. And like the blogger who shared this freebie printable tag here, I’ve seen these exact EOS lip balms at our local Costco.

2. HollyJolly-Rancher-christmas“Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas!”
This tag is also a freebie from Rebecca, the same blogger who did the EOS lip balm tags above (go to this post here). I was thinking of these as gifts for Carlo’s friends. Candy is a good, safe bet with the kindergarten set.

3. hersheys-kisses-milk-chocolate_sm“Merry KISSmas!”
Inspired by the Jolly Rancher candy bags, I thought of using Hershey’s Kisses instead. I just have to be on the lookout for the holiday edition packages when we’re at the supermarket. If I do end up using Hershey’s Kisses for Carlo’s classmate gifts, I’ll share the tag that I’ll make as a freebie here on our blog.

4. Reindeer-Chuppa-ChupsReindeer Chuppa Chups
I saw this on my Pinterest feed. Aren’t they adorable? The free template for the reindeer heads and step-by-step instructions on how to make these fun lollipop giveaways can be found on this post.

5. snowman_pencilsSnowman pencils
Carlo and his classmates are all learning how to write so I thought that pencils would be a good, non-candy/non-chocolate gift. And these snowman toppers from Martha Stewart would make them fun and festive.

6. extra_gum“Thanks for going the Extra mile!”
I read somewhere to refrain from giving teachers yet another coffee mug as Christmas presents because they have cabinets full of them already. So I thought of gum… because (a) gum isn’t expensive; and (b) I was thinking of a chocolate alternative.

Googling “gum Christmas teacher gifts” results in a host of links and images. I liked the style of these gift bags the best, and the tag she used is a freebie too (click here for the post).

7. multi-ink-pens“Have a colorful Christmas!”
Melissa, the blogger behind this post, includes a freebie for the tag she used for these classmate Christmas gifts. I love the sentiment of the greeting because the holidays should be happy and full of color. But instead of the pens, I am thinking of giving a pack of crayons for Carlo’s kindergarten classmates.

8. bubble_wandsBubble wands
Carlo loves bubbles. Almost all of the kids that I know love them too. This idea comes from here as an end-of-the-school-year gift but I know where to buy little bubble wands, even though we’re approaching winter. I’d just have to revise the gift tag into something more Christmassy.

9. tic-tac-covers-christmas-favor-easy-gift-treatTic Tac treats
One of Carlo’s favorite things is Tic Tac candies. BUT he doesn’t eat them. (Does licking count? Hahaha!) Instead, he shakes them like maracas. So I thought, why the heck not? It’s a two-in-one gift: noise-maker and candy! My internet research led to this post, with instructions on how to make the wrappers with something called a Silhouette machine (??). Now, I don’t have a Silhouette machine, so if I go this route, I will definitely share the how-to here on our blog.

10. PlayDohOrnament“Wishing you a crafty Christmas!”
I was thinking of what else Carlo liked to play with that wasn’t hard on the pocket. I thought of PlayDoh! Gosh, I’ve thrown out so many empty PlayDoh canisters already and we have a stash hidden upstairs in case we run out of a particular color. So this gift AND this tag here might just be the perfect holiday treat for Carlo to give his friends.

Note: Carlo’s school has sent out specific instructions that for his own snacks/lunch and should he opt to celebrate his birthday with his classmates in school, any treats must be nut-free as some of the kids have severe food allergies and the kids share food. And since we are NOT a nut-free household — I’m definitely crazy, Hahaha! — the round-up of gifts above uses commercially available products, not home-made ones which is the route I normally would have opted for.

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