Weekend Link Love | List 7

Photo from www.iloveboardgames.com
Photo from www.iloveboardgames.com

This weekend’s list is a round-up of fun and educational board games for family bonding time or a play date activity.

1. Snakes&LaddersSnakes and Ladders – for ages 4 and up
Didn’t we have fun playing this game when we were kids? This game is good for young kids to identify numbers 1 to 100 and practice counting as they move their pegs across the board to finish the game. A fun way to relive your childhood while watching the kids’ reactions when they land on the head of the longest snake that’ll take them almost to the starting point. Admit it, you hated that part!

2. ScrabbleJuniorScrabble Junior – for ages 5 to 10
A fun way for kids to learn spelling and build vocabulary. One side of the board will help kids spell simple words with visual clues and move on to the flipside of the board to play real scrabble. It’s also a good game to develop the habit of using a dictionary – to check if the words you’ve put on the board actually exist (mostly for grown-ups).

3. BeatTheParentsBeat the Parents – for ages 6 and above
A kids versus grown-ups trivia challenge, where both can learn general knowledge of things that are useful and interesting. It will make you let out a lot of “Oh, I didn’t know that!” and tell the kids “Wow, YOU know that?” And yes, the kids CAN beat you, parents. And vice versa.

4. SorrySorry – for ages 6 and above
The “game of sweet revenge”, Sorry is basically about figuring out different strategies to get your tokens home while sending your opponents back to start—or just back in the game. It’s loads of fun and teaches you how to lose graciously especially when you are sent back to start and the one responsible says “sorry” oh-so-sweetly. It is part of the game and it’s not like he or she had a choice. But you can wait patiently for your chance at revenge later on.

5. MonopolyMonopoly – for ages 8 and above
Didn’t you enjoy playing this game as a kid even if you really didn’t totally understand the idea of getting a loan, buying and selling property, and even going to jail? Monopoly has then been simplified for kids to get a better grasp of earning, buying, and selling. They even have character-themed Monopoly, which makes it more appealing to kids. Good way to practice basic addition and subtractions skills – for both kids and math-challenged parents.

6. TheGameOfLifeGame of Life – for ages 9 and above
It teaches kids the basic idea of real life. The kids learn about college degrees, different kinds of careers, salary, promotion, having a family, etc. This game can be a great jumping point in having more serious discussions about life.

7. ClueClue – for ages 9 and above
This is an exciting game especially for those who love solving mysteries. Teaches the process of elimination, common sense and to never give up until you solve a problem.

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