Weekend Link Love | List 3


This weekend’s list is a round-up of some neat iOS apps I’ve found for you and your child.

1. Thinkrolls2Thinkrolls 2

Carlo was up one night playing this app. Carlo was giggling so loud that he woke Charlie up. I downloaded the first one for him last February and we both loved it so much that I blogged about it here.

2. Magic8BallMagic 8 Ball™

I had one of these toys as a kid. Did you? I asked my 8-ball all sorts of dumb questions like “Will I pass the test tomorrow?” or “Is Mama going to insist that I eat liver tonight at dinner?”. It’s free if you don’t “upgrade” to the gold and silver balls.

3. TheUnstoppablesThe Unstoppables

I confess that I looked at this app because I found the title and the graphics on the screenshots cute. Plus, it’s free! Carlo’s still a little too young for it. It’s rated for ages 9-11 but I think 7 year olds can handle it. (Actually, I was thinking of Addie, Ines’s eldest while I was playing it. )

4. BrickiesBrickies

This is a free game which reminds me of Pong on the Atari. It’s fun and fast and all of us play it. Best of all, you won’t be bugging your friends on Facebook for extra lives. Hahaha.

5. 1231+2=3 app

I stumbled upon this free app looking for math related games for Carlo. The app’s tag line caught my eye, “Are You Smarter Than a 1st Grader?”. So I downloaded it the other day and gosh, it’s not as easy at it looks/sounds. I also love that when you get an answer wrong, the dog makes fun of you. Snarky.

6. ClueClue

I’m not sure how I found out about this period-tracker app. But I love that it’s not pink and it doesn’t use flowers for graphics. Ha! It’s more modern and allows you to create custom tags for your personal needs. For instance, I created one for “Ugh, stupid insomnia!” and “Me want cookie!!” because a few days I before I begin my cycle I’m usually a sleepless zombie and have mad chocolate cravings. Okay, I’ll stop now before I end up over-sharing. Btw, this app is also free.

7. UnspentUnspent

I’ve been using this to keep track of the cash in my wallet, the gift money (ang-pao) Carlo gets from his grandparents, and my pocket money on our vacations. I didn’t want to have to link the app to any financial institution. I wanted a simple way to log-in where the money was spent. And I needed to have multiple “envelopes”. This app met all my needs.

Update from the app’s developer, Nick Cochran, whom I wrote to asking about currency symbols, specifically the Philippine Peso. Nick replied and said, “Regarding currency symbols, the app will use the user’s region setting to decide which currency sign to use. You can change the Region to Philippines under Settings > General > Language and Region. Hope this helps!” Yes, it does! 

8. ProductiveProductive

This app is a life-changer for me. Since I have my phone with me all the time, I use it to build positive habits like “drink more water”, “pray the rosary everyday”, and “bake/cook something new”. It has a stat tracker so I can see how long I’ve kept up with a certain habit. (The geek in me loves this feature.) And it’s got cute graphics that you can customize.

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