Weekend Link Love | List 1


The Internet is home to all sorts of fun and interesting things. Here are a few links that you might enjoy checking out over the weekend as well:

  • When I worked at Citi, one of the regulars on the cafeteria menu was a dessert called Cathedral Windows. I’ve been craving some and hunted up a recipe online. I found this one from Yummy.ph. The Citi version had a graham cracker bottom though. So I’m going to see if I can “hack” a recipe.
  • Charlie was the one who told me about this the other night during dinner. Barbie (the doll) is apparently getting “new adjustable ankles” and thus can now wear flats. But despite these new “improvements”, she still can’t stand up on her own. *rolls eyes* Here is the first picture of her “new adjustable ankles”.
  • Suri’s Burn Book is one of my favourite sites to visit because of the snark. I love how Allie Hagan, the blog’s author, has tagged K&K’s daughter as “North West the Person”. Hahaha.


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