The Mysterious Re-appearance of Table Clutter


The family dinner table is the centre of many activities. In my home this means eating, chatting, playing board games, prepping meals (an overflow from the kitchen), completing homework, making crafts… you get the picture, right?

But every now and then, it would be great to have a table, cleaned, and cleared. Dare I say, even have the original table decorations (bought in our pre-kids, Ikea-interior-designing-wannabe era) on it? Everything matched. The colours were inspired. There were no mysterious stains that would not shift with multiple go-overs with my Enjo cleaning glove. There were no sticky spots where you rested your elbows that reminded you of meals in Chinatown.

Sniff. I’m sorry. I got emotional there. It’s like reminiscing about a loved one who has moved continents away, whom you have not seen in years.

What is the point of this never-ending battle with clutter that mums face every day?

I envy the mums who are great at what they do – they cook amazing meals (all organic and from scratch, of course); they keep their house Open-House-clean (Unexpected visitors? No problem!); they Home-School (WHAT?); and they still manage to look put-together (Ok, I’m vain so I have credit on this last point).

These Domestic Engineers seem to take it all in stride and laugh at the face of clutter.

Then there is me.

But upon reflection, maybe it isn’t what they do. It is the attitude that they have. If clutter persists, they choose whether or not it really matters. If a situation arises, they confidently stand on their values and the decisions that result from them.

IMG_1903Maybe if I take my exasperation for the repetitive and mundane… and turn this into GRATITUDE for the constant reminders that I am blessed. Threefold.

No matter how sticky, challenging, and noisy they are.

Note from Treena:

Chris is our first guest blogger! We’ve known her and her husband, John, for as long as we three (Ines, Trish, and I) have been friends. And we couldn’t be more excited to have her contributing her thoughts, wit, and ideas here on our blog.

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