Testing A DIY All Natural Goo Remover Recipe


I pinned this post about an all natural, non-toxic Goo Gone remover a while back. I never thought to try it out till yesterday, when I saw my precocious little boy, licking his play table top like it was a giant stamp. *rolls eyes* Licking was a habit I thought he outgrew. Sigh. Guess not…

I threw out our own bottle of Goo Gone over 2 years ago, when I read about how harmful it was if ingested and when Carlo was still an active “licker”.

I remember that my mom always used baby oil to remove labels, but I didn’t have any baby oil on hand. Besides, I don’t think baby oil is safe to ingest either.  (I’m sure I could’ve used olive oil but I didn’t think of that till I started writing this post today.)

Anyhow… I had both ingredients (coconut oil + baking soda) in my pantry for the non-toxic goo remover, so I decided to give the “recipe” a go. I followed the directions on the post and after letting the mixture harden overnight as directed, I tried it this morning on that giant stamp, I mean, play table. See the big sticker? (Hmmm… maybe that’s what he was trying to lick!)


Note: I first tried to use just soap and water to remove the sticker. It was a mailing label after all, the kind that’s like paper on top; so I thought that warm water + dishwashing detergent + elbow grease would get the job done. Nuh-uh. This was the best I could do with water.


Then, I tried the goo remover wax I made. Apply it liberally and massage it in!


After waiting the requisite five minutes, the stuck-on parts came off easily.


There were still small gummy bits left, so I did another pass.

It worked!!! Yay!


I’m filing this “recipe” as a “keeper”!

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    • Making it took me less than 10minutes! I just nuked the coconut oil and stirred in the baking soda. I spent more time looking for an empty container. Hahaha.

  1. I just read this post – galeng! Will have to try it sometime. Such great ideas you post, tree! I love your project life book too! I’ve been too lazy to scrapbook!

    • That’s right! You used to scrapbook too! I remember now!!! For the life of me, I couldn’t recall who in our barkada scrapbooked.

      Thanks for the wonderful feedback Janelley! xoxo