Stepping Out to Stop Stressing Out

Just saw these people last week and I'm happier already!
Just saw these people last week and I’m happier already!

A few days ago, my brother in law who is a newly minted doctor, was telling me that he has a whole new view on stress. We were viber-messaging about something or other and it led to how stress can cause several illnesses. But when he told me he had a new view on this modern-day killer, I demanded to know what it was. (Now that I’m nearing 40, demanding works better than asking. Or was I always this way?)

He said we all have stress in our lives, no one can avoid it. But HUMAN INTERACTION can lessen your stress significantly. Say what now? I thought it was just me who craved human interaction! My sister likes to tease me that I have no friends because I just stay home all day with my little ones. My only interaction is with my family – and my brother in law and other in laws. I told him as much.

But apparently, it isn’t just me! And I’m not a crazy, lonely woman. My mind knows the best way to beat stress and it’s telling me I need to do it! Seriously though, this was really an eye opener. Because I know in my heart that I need to see my friends and I need people around me – that’s old news – but the fact that being with my friends can significantly decrease stress? Even for those who aren’t extroverts? That is great news. And a great motivator to get out there and reconnect.

So it’s time to fix my schedule and begin calling people! I can’t wait!

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  1. So true! Now that I think about it, the days I’m most stressed are when I’m cooped up and all my thoughts and worries are swimming in my head. 🙂

  2. “Demanding works better than asking…. Or was I always that way?” Hahaha!! I think we know the answer to that one!! Hehe. Love ya, nang!

    • I actually thought of you when I put that part! Hahaha! Coz I did wonder for a second then realized – Cam will have something to say to this hahaha!!! Love you too, Cam 🙂