My Solution to Writer’s Block

When I was pregnant with Tammy, I knew it was going to be years before I could write another book. It took me three years after Addie was born. So I wanted to finish at least two books to act like a buffer. I only finished one, entitled Only A Kiss (which I will self-publish very soon!).

After writing Only A Kiss, I began another story but abandoned it because there were just too many things to do and I was so huge and uncomfortable, it was such a struggle to write—let alone write creatively.
But four months after I had given birth, a friend asked me if I had a short story she could include in a collection she wanted to release (you can find that short story here in the collection titled All This Wanting).

I was so excited because an outside force was pushing me to write. And even if I had no idea if I could finish, I had an actual deadline to meet!

So I worked on it like mad. After every feed, I would carefully put Tammy down to nap and oh-so-quietly scamper to my laptop to write. My writing was feverish, I had to squeeze the words out—no matter what form they were taking. I wasn’t even sure what was going on in my story anymore, but all I knew was I had to finish it by March 10. And finish it I did. After Treena and Mimi (thank you sooooo much, guys!) read and edited (and liked!) it, it was good to go.

After that, I realized that I could still write despite the demanding infant in my life. It was incredibly difficult, but I was able to come out with a 13,900-word story! Not bad for a mom of a newborn and a 5-year-old! The writing didn’t have to stop!

But it did. For a few weeks (you see, this is already horrible for me. I need to be in the middle of writing something to feel any semblance of usefulness in this world. So a few weeks is already torture.) Till I had another realization. If I wrote a book with other people — my friends, fellow authors whom I admire and trust — I will be pushed to write again. And come up with an awesome project at the same time!

And the idea of Sola Musica was born.

I was a month late in submitting my story (totally took me by surprise because as I was writing, the genre shifted, yanking me out of my comfort zone), but I got it done! Now, it’s available as an e-book online (here on Amazon and here on Buqo)! And it will be available in print here. All because I needed to overcome every writer’s biggest fear, the dreaded Writer’s Block.

These two collections feature short stories that I've written, and both covers were designed by my sister, Martina!
These two collections feature short stories that I’ve written, and both covers were designed by my sister, Martina!

Now that Only A Kiss has been edited (and I added stuff to it), it’s time to set a new deadline. It’s time to write a new story.

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