Schooled by 2014!

Of course I have to write a new year blog post. What’s the start of the year without one? But I didn’t want to do resolutions, challenges, or to-do lists. They put on too much pressure! Instead, I’m thanking the year that was with a short list of what it taught me.

Here are my 4 lessons from 2014:

1. Stop buying cheap shoes.

I love shoes and the cheaper the better! Because this means you can buy lots and not worry about them getting scuffed or stained. But last year, I fell in love with an expensive pair of really comfy shoes. I couldn’t bring myself to buy them when I could get four or more of the same style for the same price!

So I bought maybe four cheap pairs from different stores. What did that get me? Pinched toes, blisters on the backs of my feet, a huge gash on my left leg from slipping while wearing one pair because though pretty, the shoes don’t have much traction, and aching feet after walking in the mall for only a few hours. I have one pair of mommy shoes and now that’s all I wear because I can’t bear to wear the others anymore.

Lesson: should have bought the expensive pair a long time ago and saved myself a whole lot of pain.

2. Be patient.

My eldest began big school last year. I was terrified, she was terrified. I was thisclose to taking her to a child psychologist because I couldn’t understand why she was so resistant to this big change.

But things got better. It’s easy for me now to say I should have just relaxed and taken it in stride, but sadly, that’s not me. I worry, I stress, I scramble to fix as much as I can. And doing that worked too. But I need to learn to be patient and not expect everything to be fixed at the snap of my fingers. Because like all good things in life, adjustment takes time.

3. I am more than just a mother.

2014 was the year I devoted to my baby. She turned one in October and pretty much took over our lives. I knew at the onset that I would have to give up lots of things if I wanted to fully breastfeed her (directly too because she didn’t want to take pumped milk in a bottle and I was always too tired to keep trying) and have time for both my eldest, my husband, and myself.

The past year has made me stretch my mothering skills because I had to include another one into the family mix — and a demanding little one at that. And though being a mom is my number one priority, I have to remember that there are more facets to me.

I am more than just “mama” — and I hope this is the year I will find out what else I’ve got hidden inside.

4. Stop putting it off!

You know how you keep telling yourself, “I’ll do it eventually”? Well, my house has been a big mess ever since we moved in. We just have too much stuff. I always think: I should do something about it. But I never do. It’s been four years since we moved and I haven’t made a dent (well maybe a tiny one).

A few weeks ago, my husband said all he wanted for Christmas was a tidy house. He gave me Marie Kondo’s bestseller to read (this deserves another blog post), and I was so motivated, I cleared out around nine huge garbage bags of clothes! Tammy’s, Addie’s, and mine. We donated all. I’m not done purging. The kids got fever so I had to stop, but I am still motivated.

I realized I had put it off for so long that now there’s even more work to do! But just because a task is huge doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t do it YET. Just roll up your sleeves, hit pause on your life, and go at it. Like those Amazon and Goodreads author pages I have yet to do. Enough procrastinating already! There is time. I just have to make it!

So I hope I have fully learned these lessons because I wouldn’t want to be writing the same post next new year but with different examples!

Here’s to an awesome 2015 for all of us!

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