Being positive can change your life

I’m starting 2015 on a very positive note because I’m happy.

I have a new job. I have a more positive outlook on life. And I am feeling very blessed with all the good things that have come my way. Now that 2014 is over I spent some time looking back and reflecting on the year that was.

2014 was all about going on a journey to get to know myself again. I learned new things like knitting and painting. I familiarized myself with the kitchen and went on new adventures, trying to stretch myself and get out of my comfort zone.

I spent a lot of time with my children – getting to know them, playing with them, understanding what their needs were, and resolving things I needed to get fixed.

I went on trips with my husband – making myself accessible and available when he needed attention and support.

I became more involved in community service – getting to know our neighbors and contributed my time in teaching and guiding our village’s household help.

But it was in the second half of the year when I decided to focus on losing weight.

My weight has always been something I’ve struggled with since I started having my kids and I decided that if I didn’t address it now, it will never be addressed. So I went on a strict diet, exercised on an elliptical machine, and worked out with a personal trainer. I started losing weight! This occurred in August and that’s when I saw more things start to happen.

When I met people, they would say that my aura was different. That I was happier. I noticed too that since I lost weight, I was more confident and had more self-esteem. I felt lighter. I was happy with myself; thus I was releasing positive vibes in the universe. In return, because I was open, good things were also coming back to me.

When I shared this observation with a friend, she told me, “Don’t you know we are like magnets? When we are negative, or have negative thoughts, we attract negative forces; draining us of our energy, leaving us vulnerable – to more negative thoughts and even illnesses. So when we are more positive (in our thoughts, actions, words) we attract more positive things to our life.”

So logical! It made complete sense to me. From then on, I resolved to be positive and share positive vibes back to the universe.

But it’s not always easy to be positive, because life and things you can’t control get in the way. Here are some of my tips to keep smiling:

1. Love yourself.

Some people have a grateful diary, where they jot things about what they are grateful for. Do the same thing but this time make it a Love Myself diary. Write one thing that you love about yourself each day. Be boastful and you’ll realize how truly awesome you really are.

2. Don’t surround your self with negative people.

There’s a saying “Misery loves company” and it’s true. I don’t like to spend time with people who are negative and like to complain because I can feel them suck the energy from me, making me feel down and negative. Spend your time wisely and around positive people who love you.

3. Today will be a good day.

Every morning when I wake up, I look at myself in the mirror, smile, and say “Today will be a good day.” I start the day off on a happy, positive note, knowing the good vibes stay with me the rest of the day.

4. Let go of any resentment you have of things and other people.

People are the way they are, and I realize that I can’t control them to behave in the way I want. Stop looking for reasons to criticize them and try to stop having expectations. It will be hard, but the only thing we can control is ourself.

5. Positive Visualization is key.

Visualize what you want to accomplish/to happen and it will! Stop thinking of worst case scenarios as that’s being negative again.


It’s may not be easy to be positive all the time and magical things may not happen to you overnight. But try it! Because it’s all so worth it in the end.

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  1. Trish! I loved, loved, LOVED this post! Charlie can tell you that one of the things I’m fond of saying here at home is “No bad juju allowed!!!” šŸ™‚ And you know that you’re totally my inspiration for getting healthier and fitter too, right? *fist bump*

    • Treena, my soul sister!
      So happy you loved this post. It’s a great way to start the year. I’ve forgotten about your “no bad juju” saying! I’m going to start saying that.
      You inspire and motivate me too in so many ways. Thanks for always being there to listen to me.
      Hopefully we inspire others with our new fitness routines!
      Share the love!