Please Print Your Photos

Source: Artifact Uprising | “What Is Ephemeral?” by Bryn Mooth, for Mohawk Fine Papers

This. This particular infographic, from an email I got the other day, stirred me to action.

To be honest, it made me panic a little. I took it for granted that all my beloved photos — priceless memories!—  which are stored on my phone and on my computer would just always be there. After all, I’ve got back-ups of my back-ups. Then, I realized that my external hard drives are around 4 years old, the same age as Carlo, the same lifespan mentioned in the bloody infographic. And it all went downhill from there.

I have yet to finish Carlo’s 1st year baby book. Nor have I printed out our wedding photos (save for one measly photo, that’s in a frame on our mantel). And I haven’t even started on the photo book for our most recent vacation to Disney World. There are no photo books or albums for our trips to Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston, or Manila…. And…“Ohmigosh, what would I do if those stupid hard drives crashed tomorrow??”

I would curl up into a ball and sob for hours.  Maybe eat the whole jar of Nutella in my pantry. Then, sob some more.

BUT that’s all hypothetical. Because as of today, my hard drives, my computer, and my phone are still a-okay. And while my good luck holds true, this morning I decided to be proactive and do something quick and easy.

I did this:


I printed out a bunch of photos that I loved; hunted for others that I knew were in boxes; and hung them all up where we, as a family, could see them.

It’s not all archival paper. Some are just on plain old bond paper. But that’s not the point I wanted to make.

I think it’s important that your memories, the ones you take pains to capture with your camera lens, should be displayed somewhere where you can see them.

We all go through hard times. Some of us may be currently be in the midst of personal hardships. Sometimes what we see and read on social media or on television is just ugliness after unkindness. So I think a trigger point to shift one’s mood — like a photo of a happy memory! — may be just the thing to brighten what would have been a bummer of a day.

I also think it’s important to surround yourself with things you love, with things that make you smile. So please print out your photos. Then, they sure as heck won’t be sitting on a hard drive that is just waiting to die. Ha!

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