OOTD Experiment: Treena

As Anne mentioned last week, Ines dared us to let our sons pick what we would wear for 5 days. Tiago, Anne’s boy, is 6 years old. But my Carlo is 3 (turning 4 in a few days!!!) so I was excited to see what a 3 year old would choose and what he would say.

Day 1: Aqua fleece jacket; white and navy striped sweater; black fleece jogging pants; aqua, pink, and grey polka dot socks; black winter boots (not shown in photo so you can see the socks)


We did this dare while it was still winter here in Toronto so I’m glad he picked out clothes that were warm. Carlo chose the jacket first then pulled the rest of my outfit from my closet, pointing at the ones he liked. When I also told Carlo that I needed socks, he picked the polka dotted ones from my sock drawer. I asked him why he chose that particular pair, he said “Circles make me happy. And there are aqua circles on them like the color of your jacket, Mama.”

Day 2: Pink flamingo t-shirt; black cotton leggings; pink flip flops


This is Carlo’s idea of resort wear. Hahaha.

We were in Florida, tagging along with Charlie (who was attending a business conference), during this time. So it was hot! But Carlo totally avoided picking out any of the shorts I had packed. I was hoping he’d choose them and even set them out in such a way that the shorts were displayed front and center, on the middle of the bed. Yet Carlo dug my leggings out from my luggage! When I asked him why he didn’t pick the shorts, he said “Mama needs to cover her knees.” Hahaha. At the end of the day, I’m actually thankful that he chose clothes with more “coverage” because it was 15-17°C in Florida that day.

Day 3: Yellow banana t-shirt; grey long-sleeved t-shirt; blue cotton skirt; sparkly headband; no shoes


We were back home from that short-getaway in Florida on this day. So it was back to winter-like weather and -15°C temps.

This was my “Laundry Hamper” OOTD because Carlo picked out everything from the pile of unfolded laundry in our bedroom. (Thank God they all somehow matched!) Then he surprised me by picking out a headband, which was lying in the middle of my purge pile. He said that I needed to wear it too. “Oooh, shiny and sparkly Mama. It’s got ovals.” When I asked him why he didn’t pick out socks and shoes, he said, “It’s too cold to go out. Carlo and Mama are staying home today.”

I’m so glad he didn’t ask to go out or that I didn’t have errands to do, because winter boots with that outfit would have looked wild.

Day 4: Mickey Mouse t-shirt; Red sports t-shirt; cream fleece vest; aqua fleece jacket; black thermal leggings; aqua ankle socks


OOTD#4 involved a costume change.

Carlo initially picked out the Mickey shirt, leggings, and aqua socks. Then when I had them on, I asked him to take my picture (because Carlo knows how to take photos with my iPhone). But as I stood in the hallway waiting for him to snap the photo, I saw his face crumple and he began to cry. He said to me, “Mama, you need to cover Mickey! We go change your shirt, Mama.” So we went back upstairs to my bedroom.

Carlo picked the red shirt and told me to put that on instead. He then grabbed the jacket and motioned for me to wear it next, with the cream vest on top of the jacket. When I asked him about socks, he replied, “No socks, Mama. Feet better!” Then I asked him why he wanted me to change the Mickey Mouse shirt. “Don’t want Mama to look like a cartoon or a stuffed animal. Mama should look like Mama.”

Wow. Oooookay. Hahaha.

Ines asked me, when I texted her this photo, why I wasn’t smiling. That’s because my photographer (Carlo!) also said for me not to smile. “Mama, no teeth!” Bossy little thing. Hahahaha.

Day 5: white t-shirt with a birthday cake print; blue jeans; hair clip; no shoes or socks


I have to confess that I forgot all about the dare. So Carlo and I did OOTD#5 when we were on vacation in Manila, weeks after OOTD#4.

Carlo picked out the shirt because it was my aunt’s birthday that day and we were going to her house for lunch. He said that he chose the t-shirt “because it has a cake and you need candles and a cake for a birthday party!” I asked him why he didn’t pick out any shoes and he said this, “Because it’s too hot to wear shoes.” “Can’t I wear slippers or sandals Carlo?” “No, so Carlo and Mama are the same. Carlo not wearing slippers or sandals either.” And that’s why I made him pose in the photo with me, because we both didn’t have any shoes, socks, or slippers. (Of course, later on, before we left the house to go to the birthday party, I wore shoes and made Carlo wear his too. Hahaha.)

This was indeed a fun experiment. Carlo’s answers when I asked him why he chose certain things or why he left out shoes/socks were so interesting. Oh, the things that go through his head!

Here’s what I learned:
• Carlo’s got a good eye for patterns and color combinations.
• Carlo picked clothes that I generally wear a lot. Unlike Anne and Tiago, Carlo didn’t choose clothes/shoes that he had never seen me wear before or that I rarely use. (This only means that I need to switch my outfits up more often or that I have more purging to do.)

I am glad Ines thought of this dare because I now have these words and photos of me and my boy to keep forever. Thank you, Nang!

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