OOTD Experiment: Anne

I’ve always been a jeans and t-shirt girl. I hated wearing dresses when I was a kid. When I was working, I remember our HR personnel asking my boss to please tell me to wear at least some lipstick! I seriously considered wearing jeans on my wedding day (which I somehow regret not doing so). I never even colored my hair until I was 40 (onset second-childhood, I think)! When I was pregnant and found out I was having a son, I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to deal with all the frou-frou-ness (imagine all the pink dresses!) that comes with having a daughter.

When Ines challenged (dared!) Treena and I to let our sons pick our outfits for a week (5 days), and wear them the entire day, I had no qualms accepting the challenge because aside from the fact that I am always game, I thought, how bad could it be – to be dressed by a 6yo boy?

Day 1: Patterned tunic top; khaki shorts; choice of plain yellow ballet flats or printed brown flats


Okay, I “cheated” with this outfit. I somehow lead my son to my shirts that were folded. He didn’t pick a shirt, but he did choose the shorts, then made his way to the clothes that were hung. I chose the plain flats because my top has too much going on already! Not bad for day 1! I would actually wear this combo again.

Day 2: Floral haltered top (with a bow); denim jeans, black boots


Ack! I will NEVER where this combo! Too many things wrong with it: First, the top with the boots – it’s like having a dual personality! Second, I’d probably wear lighter colored jeans with a slimmer cut to match the top. Third, that floral top is something I only wear for Luau themed parties! Ugh!!!

Day 3: Patterned dress; nude wedges


I know this is a decent combo. More than decent! It’s actually nice! But again, jeans and t-shirt girl over here. I only wear dresses on special occasions – like a party or a get-together. And if I do, I would likely wear flats, not wedges. I only wear wedges during special occasions as well – like a party or a get-together or meetings – but pair it with jeans or shorts. Putting both together is already overdressing for me. Hahaha!

Day 4: Green top with printed lace; dark denim jeans; brown printed ballet flats


You might be thinking this is something I’d wear. No. Too. Much. Prints.

Day 5: White tank top; ripped denim jeans; black wedges; black coat


After picking this combo, my son said, “You’re going to look so fashionable!” Hahaha! Now, THIS I will wear, even on an ordinary day (aka bring-your-kid-to-school-do-errands-fetch-your-kid-from-school kind of day) – including the coat…but not on a hot day! I used that coat during a recent trip to a cold country and I should’ve kept it after washing for future use!

That was a fun experiment! I learned quite a few things from it:

• My son likes it when I wear heels. No surprise because when he was younger, he told me – more than once – that I should wear heels so I would make a clickity-clackity sound while I walk.
• I think I need to add more prints in my wardrobe.
• My son prefers that I dress up more – I’m probably too plain Jane for him.
• Keep clothes that are meant for special occasions or costume parties!

Next challenge is to actually let our sons dress themselves this time. Shouldn’t be bad. Unless (!) you have a son who likes to dress up as a planet or an element from the periodic table! Waaaaah!

Note from Ines:

Anne and I became friends after sitting next to each other on the first day of birthing class where we had to exchange something so personal: food diaries. There was no going back after that. Today, all my gripes, dreams, and nonsense are sent her way. And I count on her to always slap sense into me. Because of that and the no-nonsense way she parents and sees the world, she’s an awesome addition to the Every Day Project. With that said, we welcome Anne to our blog! We’re so happy to have you here with us! 

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