New Mission: The Covert Toy Purge

This is how our family room looks like right now. And, to be honest, it also looks like this on most days.

I signed up for the babycenter email updates when I found out I was pregnant. Four years later, I’m still getting them. Back then, the weekly updates made for fascinating reading, especially the bits where the baby would be compared to something… By now the baby is the size of an orange… Nerd that I am, I loved imagining how much my baby had progressed as there was no way I could see into my womb.

These days, I have an energetic whirlwind of a child right in front of me and most of the time, the babycenter emails are too general to be applicable to my and Carlo’s situation; so more often than not, I delete them. But the email I received today was spot on.

Your child’s birthday probably brought a few (or more than a few) new toys into your house. Time for a post-birthday clear out. Look through your child’s playthings to decide which of them haven’t seen any action in a while. It’s easiest to give toys away on the sly. If you ask permission, your child is bound to insist on saving everything, but at this age he isn’t likely to notice the disappearance if it’s not mentioned.

My mom was just here for an extended visit because it was her beloved grandson’s birthday last month. And gosh, Carlo received a treat from his Wowa almost every day. To make-up for all the missed birthdays, Christmases, New Years, and just-because-I-want-to-spoil-him gifts that a grandparent gives to their apos, she told me. I rolled my eyes but gave in, after all she doesn’t fly all the way to Canada every year.

But if I thought that our home had too many toys already before Wowa came, now I feel like I’m living in Carlo’s playhouse. I think that we have more varieties of alphabet and number-centric toys than any of the stores in Manila and Toronto combined. I’m not kidding.

Since my mom left two weeks ago, I’ve tried putting some toys away but Carlo also just keeps getting in the way. He ends up playing with the toys I’ve set aside, even though he’s already too old for them. Suddenly, his ring-stacking toy is like new again and the crib mobile I unearthed earlier (to bring to the basement) was today’s best surprise gift.

So I’m scratching the plan I had for tidying up and purging while he’s here at home with me. I’m going to start my new mission when Carlo begins kindergarten in a few weeks. I want to “reclaim” some of our home’s spaces back into more adult-friendly zones.

Got any tips for me?

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