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Because when you’re a mom, your music library doesn’t really belong to you anymore.


I’ve been busy promoting my newest book, Just A Little Bit of Love —a short story compilation set in the world of my last book, Only A Kiss. I wish promoting meant going out and meeting people (the way they did it in the olden days haha!) because nothing beats human interaction (at least for an extrovert like me), but how we do things today is pretty cool too. When I released Only A Kiss, a friend suggested I do a blog tour because that’s how authors promote their books. So I did.

This time around, even before I could think of promoting my new book, readers and blogger friends started asking if they could post about it on their blogs. So I said — why not try doing this blog tour on my own? So I contacted book bloggers I knew and one of them asked if I could do a writing playlist. Of course, I panicked. “I only listen to my kids’ music! I can’t give you anything current or … normal!” I messaged her. But she said, “But that would be adorable!” So I figured, well, why not?

When I was coming up with the songs (it was VERY easy because I find myself singing them in the shower too), I realized that even if they’re Addie and Tammy’s songs, they do make sense in my life as well. And that’s what I wanted to share with my fellow moms.

Here are the songs that played in the background, in the car, and whenever the girls got a hold of my phone while I was writing this book. I chose five that I like and can actually be connected to the stories in the short collection.

hi5-sing-it-loud1. “Ready or Not” by Hi-5
Besides being my two-year-old’s favorite Hi-5 song (she calls it “Hide your Eyes”) because that’s how the song begins, this song is about playing Hide and Seek. It’s the perfect song for one of my characters because it says:

Hide your eyes and count to ten
Ready or not – I’m gonna find you again.
Hide your eyes and count to ten,
Ready or not – I’m gonna find you again,
And again and again and again.

And whenever I hear those words, I can’t help but think of a boy looking for the love of his life and swearing he’ll find her no matter what it takes.

barbie2. “What if I Shine” by Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals
The newest Barbie movie will definitely have a place on my seven-year-old’s playlist and I will always find myself singing (and loving) the songs. One of those is “What if I Shine,” the words are perfect for the main character in the story “Watching, Waiting.”

I spend too much time thinking about who I’m supposed to be
I play by everybody’s rules that don’t seem right to me
I’m cool and polite, on the outside
When I get a chance, I run and I hide
If your eyes are closed, it’s hard to see
What if I back down now, ’cause I’m afraid of what might happen
What if they turn away when I show them who I truly am
What if I lose my breath when I throw those big doors open
Or tonight, just tonight
What if I shine?

Liv_and_Maddie_promotional_pic_13. “Count Me In” by Dove Cameron from Liv and Maddie
This Disney Channel show is about twin high school girls, one a celebrity and the other the captain of the basketball team. My daughter discovered it through Spotify. She was listening to the songs from the Descendants movie and Spotify suggested songs from this show. We love the songs so much and now that my daughter has all three seasons, we love the show.

This song is perfect for the characters in the last story of the collection. As the saying goes, opposites attract. But I think what makes that kind of relationship meaningful is just how well you fit together and complement each other.

If I’m the sun then you’re the moon
If you’re the words then I’m the tune
If you’re the heart then I’m the beat
Somehow together we’re complete

Hi-5_ready_or_not_20114. “Wish Upon A Star” by Hi-5
The wish to find love, to find happiness, and to find yourself is really what my stories are meant to fulfill and this song captures that so well.

When you wish upon a star,
wondering dream
make a wish be anything
and when you wish upon a star,
wondering dream
make a wish be anything you want to be
When you wish,
when you wish,
when you wish,
when you wish upon a star

sofia-the-first5. “Anything” by Sofia the First
Princess Sofia sang this song when she wasn’t allowed to join the Flying Derby because it was only for boys. But of course with determination and lots of practice, she not only joins the boys but she wins the derby! I love this song because it’s what I want for my main characters (and my daughters), for them to believe in themselves, in what they can achieve, and in who they can become.

I can be anything.
I can see anything.
You can teach anything.
I can reach anything
I can do anything
So can you
that you try.
Look and see,
You can be anything.
And I know with you by my side.
It’ll be a better ride.
Together we can be each other’s guide.
With a friend to see me through,
There’s nothing I can’t do.
Gonna spread my wings
And soar into the blue.

So even if I desperately miss listening to “normal” music, having these songs play in my head (and on my playlist) over and over isn’t so bad after all.

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