Me, Inside Out

#InsideOut inspired poster designed by https://www.facebook.com/posterposse artist https://www.facebook.com/olirichesdesigns.
Source: #InsideOut inspired poster designed by Poster Posse artist Oli Riches.

Note: No spoilers, but you need to watch the movie to fully understand this post. Or not.

Of course we watched the movie. We’d been looking forward to it for so long that the excitement (mine) had already kind of worn off. But that definitely did not affect the way I felt during and after the movie! As the young ones say – so much feels!

After the movie, we asked Tiago what the names of his personality islands would be. As he was naming them one by one, I started to do the same for myself. I asked myself what I’ve been doing to make sure my islands don’t crumble!

You see, I run a helper-free household (by choice), so my days are filled with mother duties, wife duties, household duties, freelancer duties. I really have no time to do things just for myself. I’m not complaining. Again, this is my choice. But today, I was afraid that my islands might be falling (or have already fallen!) and what would that do to who I am as a person?! I know I have changed quite a lot since I became a mom (who hasn’t?), but I was wondering if my core has changed as well. So, as I named my islands, I also started asking myself what I have been doing to keep some of my islands steady.


  • Teacher’s Island. Teaching is my passion. Many are surprised to find out that I actually love being with kids (preschool kids!). I love being able to teach them anything! I pursued this passion after over 10 happy years in advertising. I was a preschool teacher and those years, to this day, still rank high up there among my happiest memories. Now, I hold on to this passion by being Tiago’s teacher at home (God, please help me with math). I organize games and host intimate children’s parties for friends, and I help a few schools with their advertising and marketing plans. I even wrote a book for preschooler! (Ahem, shameless self-promotion – this is my book: Big Day.)


  • Photography Island. I looove taking pictures. Have a look: here. I used to go out just to take photos. Some have been featured on a few websites. I can never forget how kilig I was applying to be an apprentice to the late Fol Rana when he turned me down because he said I already took good photos. I thought, after giving birth I’d take lots of pictures of Tiago. I did! Tons! But not the kind that takes time and patience to achieve. I had minimal supply of both and used them on more pressing matters. Through the years, my supply has gradually increased, I get to take photos when we travel and also, thanks to better mobile phone cameras and Instagram, I get to take photos AND upload them!


  • Travel Island. I love traveling as much as I love taking photos. I am very grateful that my husband shares the same love, so he gladly takes our little travel bug and me to places we want to see. I take care of looking for promos, booking, and our itinerary. Hahaha!


  • Jologs Island. I am a jologs by heart! Everyone who knows me will probably laugh. Heck, I’m laughing as I write this! I miss speaking with fellow jologs. I used to know all the artistas by heart (No, I don’t get star struck – it’s my husband who does). Now, I don’t even know what AlDub is. I just see it trending on social media. And, if not for Viber, I wouldn’t have known that the word shala existed! No, I haven’t crossed over to the shala side, it’s just that, the people I mingle with these days don’t understand jologs speak. I even get annoyed when Ines uses the Becky stickers in Viber because they’re not bagay! Oh well, I get doses of jologs when I meet up with my advertising friends, and really, those times, though seldom, never fail to give me belly-aching laughter that can last until the next one.

As much as I always say I have no life (mostly because of social media envy, heehee), I realized, it really doesn’t take much to feed my soul. I have enough in my memory bank to keep my islands afloat and slowly create new memories to build new islands – maybe a Preschool Island, or a Sleep Island!

How are your islands doing?

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