Me and Project Life


On the About Us page, my bio says that I am passionate about memory keeping. But yesterday, as I was cleaning up the spam comments we get on the blog, I realized that I hadn’t written a post about it yet. Memory keeping is such a big part of my life these days and it has totally changed my outlook on life that I sort of mentally slapped myself for not blogging about it till now.

My Project Life journey began as a desire to make Carlo’s baby album. I had all these photos and videos stuck in my laptop’s hard drive and eating up the memory on my iPhone. I had various memorabilia piling up in boxes. But, I had nothing “put together” or “real” to show for it all.


I already owned a baby book, one of those pre-made albums sold in baby boutiques or book stores. In fact, I made sure that I had one before Carlo was born. It was part of my “essential” baby gear list, along with the car seat, stroller, breast pump and disposable diapers. Yet, I didn’t touch it except to use the ink pad included to record his foot and hand prints when he was a month old.

While the pre-made baby album is pretty cool and cute, it’s not for me. As I sat down to complete it one day back in December 2012, I found that the generic pre-printed sections (birth facts, first birthday, second birthday etc.) left little room (just one page!!!) for all the things I wanted to include. The book’s other headers weren’t even meaningful for me. I was so uninspired that I closed it and put it back into a storage bin. Then I went to my usual, trusty source whenever I need information: Google.


I knew what I wanted for Carlo’s baby book. I wanted to be able to create my own headers/sections. I wanted the process of putting the album together to be easy. I wanted a clean and modern look. But most of all, I wanted to tell a story, our story as a couple leading up to the story of his birth then all the meaningful-to-me milestones after that.


Googling led me to Liz Tamanaha‘s website, Paislee Press, and I’ve been a huge fan of her designs and minimalist style ever since. I found out about Project Life through her website.


Project Life is a memory keeping system using pocket pages and cards created by Becky Higgins. It’s an awesome and simple style of scrapbooking that allows for creativity and flexibility. It was the answer to all my baby album needs and then some.


I love Project Life because it allows me to record our everyday life, the extraordinary events and the ordinary simple ones. Because of it, and because I’m taking more photographs, I find myself appreciating things I would’ve otherwise taken for granted like my son’s insanely crazy bed head the other day or the way the sunlight transforms the walls in my hallway at times to peach, gold and bronze in the morning.

I’m doing Project Life for my family, but mostly, I’m doing it for me. It’s now my “journal” for my thoughts and memories. I also now have a way to turn my since-childhood love for stickers, ephemera, pretty paper, drawing, and typography into a creative, fruitful, and purposeful project.


One of my goals for this natal year (I do resolutions on birthdays instead on January 1st) is to finish Carlo’s baby album. And now that I’ve said that “out loud” here on the blog, you all can hold me accountable before my birthday, which is on October 31. Ack! Good luck to me! Hahahaha!

To read more about Project Life, go HERE. To check out Liz Tamanaha’s Project Life posts which ignited my passion for memory keeping, they are all HERE.

*Products used in the pages above include… From Paislee Press: press cards no. 92012 Calendar Journaling Cards (European Edition) which I tweaked in Photoshop so I could use it for some months in 2011; woodgrain journaling cards; and pictures + words no. 6. From Becky Higgins: Design A page protectors; and cards from the Baby Edition (neutral) and Midnight Edition core kits. From Tracy Larsen: the simply white collection v1 and v2.

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    • Ohmigosh! Tracy!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the wonderful compliment! Your simply white templates make my PL layouts so easy to do. I love them!