Mama’s Haikus

They say art begets art, art inspires art. Well, I’m not presumptuous enough to say I’ve created art, but after editing a book of poetry (which I can’t wait to see in print!), I wanted to try my hand at some haikus too. And what better material than my mommy life? I’m pretty sure you can relate to a lot of these! And write a few yourself too.

What is a haiku? It’s a Japanese poem that has 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second, and 5 for the third. Two different images in the first two lines converge in the third line. Or at least that’s what I recall from college. Try it! It’s loads of fun ☺ And it’s a great catharsis too!


Children, demanding
Hands tugging, whines amplified
Now asleep…now what?

A Toddler’s Tricks

Watch your head! Don’t fall!
Why don’t you listen to me?!
Sigh… I love you too.


“Talk to me, Mama!
Stop texting, put down the phone.”
My daughter’s wise words

Stormy Christmas Traffic
(or the night of December 15, 2015)

Bundled up, ready
Rain: angry red lights, honking
“We’re turning back, kids.”

Words upon Waking

Where I go today?
Lala house? Ola Becca?
Don’t want to stay home!

Mama’s Response

Nowhere today, Tam.
We’re just staying home. But I…
want to escape too.


“Who does Mama love?”
“You!” “Me? No, you!” “No, you!”
Flashbacks. Lifetime goals.

Treena’s version of Words Upon Waking [Note from Treena: this really happened this morning too (December 16)]

“Six – plus – four – plus – five”
“That equals fifteen, Mama!”
I laugh. Coffee please.

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