Keeping It Real: Purge Progress

It’s been a little over six months since I blogged about how I started de-cluttering our home. I figured it’s a good time for an update on how The Purge is coming along.

I’ve managed to make a lot of headway in clearing out the “bodega”. And just in time for Christmas too, as this is where we put up our tree!

I can see the rug!
I can see the rug! Yay!

I’ve also cleared out the cabinet beneath our kitchen sink. I had so many grocery bags in there, that I couldn’t even see what was beneath them all. And I knew it was time to get the cabinet organized when I opened the door the other day and bags spilled out.  

I love being able to easily find what I need.
I love being able to easily find what I need.

And this week, I’m working on cleaning up the other kitchen cabinets by finally putting my hoard of bottles to good use. Today, I’ll be scraping labels off with Carlo, who loves peeling all sorts of labels.


Have you made progress with your own mission to de-clutter? Come on, guys, we can do this!   

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  1. I’m so jealous! I wish I could do this too but I just get so intimidated!!! How do I get started??? Help!!!

    • Nang, you can do it too! I really had to be honest and tough with myself… Will I really use it? Will I really wear it? If I didn’t use or wear it in the last 2 years (I sometimes forget about the things I do have and own), I decided whether it needed to go in a donate/recycle/throw-away pile. Another tip is to put the items you’re iffy about in a bin and put them in storage/your basement/attic. And if you didn’t look for what was in the bin, then you probably won’t need it. We can do this! Go, go, go!