Keeping It Real: Hidden Away

I have a problem.

I have an addiction to baskets and bins. I like rectangular or square shaped containers over round ones because they stack neatly without any wasted space. I save the jars from my favorite jams and pasta sauces because I love the bottles and have a million ideas for reusing or up-cycling them. I have all these little travel bottles and cases that I bought so that my toiletries pack neatly when I need to go on a trip. I have sticker labels. I own a Dymo.

I am an organization junkie.

Yet I have these cabinets and drawers in my kitchen that are a mess. My clothes, as you know, sometimes live in two laundry baskets. For days.


As my boy was napping yesterday afternoon, I started to check the Ikea website for a shelving system I recalled seeing in the store when we were last there. I figured that I needed something new to organize my mess.

Then midway through scrolling, I stopped. I had a light bulb moment.  

I wasn’t really organizing my mess with all the bins and shelves I had my eye on and planned to buy. I was just finding creative ways to hide my things.

I realized that what I truly needed to do first was purge and de-clutter my closets, cabinets, and drawers. All of them. The things in the basement too.

Today, I started with my closet.

Those jeans that I was hanging onto because I planned to “lose the weight after the baby was born”? Not going to keep them anymore. Carlo’s two and a half years old and I still don’t fit in them. That cute sweatshirt but is now a size too small because it shrunk in the dryer? Bagged for donation too.

Carlo helped me too. So this exercise was also fun! He enjoyed throwing the clothes I handed to him into the “Donate” pile. In his excitement, though, he began putting all of my clothes into the pile. Hahahaha.

“Yes, Carlo. Thanks for helping me sort my clothes. But Mama actually wants to keep those.”

“Mama! Dough-nate. Dough-nate!!! This one? This one?”

I tried on every single article of clothing in my closet. I remembered reading that somewhere. So, if it didn’t fit me well or made me feel like I looked good in it (even if it was brand new), I put it in the “Donate” pile.

I also remembered another article that said to be brutal. So I told myself that I needed to stop with the hoarding (yes, hoarding!) because that’s really what this mess and pseudo organizing was all about. I promised to be really honest with myself. So if I hadn’t worn it in the past two years, it went into the “Donate” pile. Did it (the article of clothing) suit my age and lifestyle now? If not, it went into the pile.

I filled up three extra large garbage bags.

And here is my closet now. I can see all my clothes. Nothing is hidden away. (I’m sorry but I forgot to take the “before” photo. Not intentionally because our goal with this series is to keep it real. I was just excited to start truly organizing my closet.)


I’m soooo happy I did this purge. I don’t need new bins or shelves after all!

My plan is to keep my closet in this pared down, well-curated state going forward. Doing this exercise made me realize that I’d rather have a closet with a few but quality pieces that I truly love and that I know I will look and feel great in; versus my previous array of sizes and colors that all just took up so much space.

I also have a plan for the clothes (Carlo’s and mine) that I can’t quite let go of yet for sentimental reasons. It’s still all a big idea in my head. But if the finished project turns like I hope it to, *crossing my fingers* I’ll share my idea of what you can do with those sentimental pieces here on the blog sometime soon.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to purge and sort out Carlo’s baby clothes and toys. Then I’m going to tackle those kitchen cabinets and drawers.

I’m now on a mission. Anybody want to join me in simplifying and de-cluttering your homes?  

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  1. Great thought… at some point, ill have to do that too… for now, my motto is: no new articles of clothing. and avoid all clothing stores and aisles at all costs, which ive been doing the last few months anyway :)…

  2. This is soooooo awesome, Tree!!! I must do this!!! And I have sentimental clothes too! Can’t wait to find out what your project is! I wish I had your patience! Or maybe you could just bring Carlo here to sort through my stuff and dough-nate them! Heehee

  3. Hey Tree,
    like always you inspire me! I also have a closet full of clothes that need to be sorted through. I also like the rules you set for yourself. If I haven’t worn it in 2 years, donate. If it doesn’t fit my age and lifestyle now, donate. All this purging is good for us and our soul.
    Love ya,

    • Let’s purge together!!! I’ve still got Carlo’s closets and toys to tackle.

      Love you right back!