Keeping It Real…

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, when I’m reading a blog or leafing through a magazine, I can’t help but wonder, “Do kids really live there? Where are the toys?”  “How can it possibly be that neat ALL the time?” And when I see all these breakables and valuables on coffee tables and nooks, I immediately think “OMG. Carlo would totally use that as a toy.”

With that jumping off point, we’re starting a series, an ongoing photo journal if you will, that we’re calling “Keeping It Real”.  We will be featuring a photo or photos of different parts of our home, our projects…basically, we’ll show snippets of our lives that are not styled or “prettified” just for posting’s sake.

Today’s photo is of my closet, I mean, my laundry hampers.


I have a real closet. One with shelves and hangers.  I promise.  But more often than not, I pull the clothes that I’m going to wear and the ones I’m going to dress Carlo in for the day from these hampers (designated for clean clothes).

With the other things on my to-do list (like feeding a hungry toddler!), sorting and folding my laundry just falls by the wayside.

It used to bother me greatly that these hampers would sit there for days.  As a full-time, stay-at-home mom, I figured that leaving our clothes unfolded was somehow equivalent to me not “pulling my weight”.  After all, wasn’t taking care of the household chores part of my main “job” now?

But after reading the Hands Free Mama , my view on things like unsorted, unfolded laundy has changed.  (Yes, this is the same book Ines mentioned in her post. I love the book too!)

These days, Carlo still tugs my hand and says “Mama, go down! Play!” These times that he wants me to be his playmate are not going to be the norm all the time. So I cherish them, stop folding and go down to play.  The laundry will be there when we’re done. It can wait. Me and having fun with my boy? That’s important.

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