Keeping It Real: What To Purge (Part 1)

IMG_7319A couple of my friends have asked me how to start de-cluttering. In today’s post, I’ll share some of the things I’ve done here in my home and hopefully, they will kickstart your own Purge. 

You don’t have to start with your closet like I did. That can be tough, I know. In fact, I’m still wrestling with pruning down my wardrobe. Lately, I’ve been reading about capsule wardrobes and I’m so interested in the idea but I don’t know if I can do it. I really, REALLY love the idea of keeping a minimalist but solid, timeless and well-curated closet. Aaaanyway, you certainly can start with these “baby steps”:

1) Throw out expired drugs.
I found tablets that expired in 2005 in my medicine cabinet. I had a bottle of Tylenol Kids that was also expired. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to risk giving Carlo any expired medicine.

2) Check your kids’ marker bin.
There are sure to be some that have dried out. Do the same for the ballpoint pens you have in the office/study area/kitchen. I threw out close to 30 pens and markers.

3) Use up your hoard of hotel “souvenirs”. But if they already look dubious/smell bad, chuck them.
I wonder if this a Filipino thing. I know my mom does this. I do. And I know several other people who also bring back the hotel’s lotions/shampoo/body wash bottles from every vacation they take.

4) Make-up goes bad.
Here’s a good guide about when you should throw them out. I didn’t know that lipsticks are only good for about one year (another guide says two years max). Did you? Gosh, I think my mom has lipsticks that are in their teens now. Hahaha.

When was the last time you cleaned out any of these things? We can do this! Go, go, go!

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