Keeping It Real: Breathing Room


Yes, that’s an iPad. It used to be mine, but now it is Carlo’s iPad. He knows it’s “his” too.

Yes, that’s a little bag of corn chips. It’s his snack this afternoon. I know there’s no nutritional value in it. I know it’s not a fruit. I know it’s not a vegetable.

I’ve read many articles about too much screen/tablet time being bad for kids. I’ve watched the documentaries and tv shows about how horrible junk food can be. I’m sure you have too.

But… On a day when I’m not feeling 100%… On a day when he’s also not feeling 100%… Oh, I’ll be brutally honest, even on days when we’re both feeling perfectly fine… when I have chores to do or an important project to complete…or when I just need a “me” break, I will admit to turning to the iPad to babysit my little one. I will admit to giving him a little treat (like his favorite snack chips) so that for the next 20-30 minutes (hopefully!), I have some breathing room.

Ahhhhhhh. Breathing room… 

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  1. I can totally relate! I feel guilty with all the junk food/candy I allow my boys to eat just so they will eat SOMETHING/ANYTHING… considering I was so good about eating properly and healthy while I was pregnant and when he was an infant. Sigh. 🙂 I tell myself that I will try to start him on a more healthy regimen, never too late to TRY, even if I fail a lot of the time hehe. 🙂 Hugs!

    • That’s what I tell myself too! That it’s never too late to TRY. BIG HUG back Cam!