It Started with a Cake

Who knew that what started out as a wild idea would become real?

After I sent the email below to my best friends last January 2, they told me that my letter would be the perfect first entry for the blog they were convincing me to start. But the thought of starting a blog all by myself was daunting.

Me? What did I have to write or share that was interesting? What can I talk about that hasn’t already been blogged about before? There are a TON of blogs out there. I follow many of them and most of my DIY projects and activities with Carlo come from these wonderful bloggers. So… me? A blog? Why? I was no one special.

Then, I squelched that inner, doubting voice.

I’m my own special ME. I have my own voice. And maybe, just maybe, someone out there will also be inspired by what I can share. If that happens, I’ll have been able to pay my gratitude forward from all that I’ve learned. And the more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that “Yes! I can do this!”

But what’s even better than a blog by myself? A blog with these same friends! I figured that we each would have different things to contribute to keep the blog’s content varied and interesting. So I told them that I would start a blog but only if they joined me.

And here we are. And this is SO awesome.

Here’s the letter that started it all:

Today, for me, is more special than yesterday (Jan 1st). Today is Carlo’s half birthday. He’s exactly 2 1/2. So I had grand plans of starting a new tradition for our family: celebrating his half birthdays with a halved round cake (saw the idea on a blog) complete with bday candles.

I had the recipe all picked out. Lori’s Milo & condensed milk cake — as I loved Milo as a child and Carlo actually loves it too. And I thought that it was so cool that she dedicated this cake to Trish and Charley. So it’s a “family” cake. Perfect.

I even broke out the never-used-till-today Kitchen Aid that I got as a wedding gift in 2009!

Then, after that photo of it in the oven, we lost electricity. 

I left the cake in the hot oven for as long as possible but the cake fell. The sides are cooked through. The middle is a gooey, molten mess. But the bites I snuck in were still incredibly yummy.

Although things didn’t work out as I planned, I’m determined to make the most of things. When the power comes back on, I’ll try and scrape together the cooked cake bits into some sort of crumble and we can have that with ice cream! The celebration goes on! (Brave words, written while there is still no power. Hahaha. It’s 6:41pm now and we have had no electricity since 3:10.)

Carlo’s napping in my arms at the moment. We’re both wearing an extra sweater bec it’s -27C and supposed to get colder as the night deepens. I guess sitting in the dark and quiet got me reflecting. Yes, over cake and grand plans…

Life throws you all sorts of curve balls. We just gotta be creative, be positive and be calm through them all. So I’ll keep these photos, eat that half baked cake and be glad I have all these memories.

You ladies make up some of the best ones (memories) I have. Thank you! Cheers to us all. Happy and Blessed 2014! Bring it!

The very yummy, even when it was only half-baked, cake is from Lori Baltazar’s wonderful cookbook Dessert Comes First: The Book, available at all Fully Booked stores in the Philippines and internationally through Amazon. Not only is it loaded with delicious recipes, Lori’s stories for each recipe make reading the book a treat too.  If you don’t have one in your cookbook collection yet, do go and grab a copy. You won’t regret it.

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  1. Congratulations, Ines, Treena and Tricia! I’m not a mom, but I love hearing your stories 🙂 And the two entries have been so inspiring so far! Looking forward to more 🙂

  2. I don’t know why but that letter just reminded me of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It’s just about everyday life, yet it was so heartfelt and inspiring. You can actually feel the bond amongst the truest of friends. Good luck Treens! Looking forward to reading more from you, Ines, and Tricia 🙂

    • Yay!!! It’s a really cute idea diba? Anne! Tiago was soooooo small!!! And gosh, that cake you “commissioned” was awesome.

  3. Tricia forwarded your email, and I loved it, Treena! What a beautifully written letter/first blog post. It’s a great reminder to be patient and take on what life throws at us. (Oh, and thanks for deciding to bake out of Lori’s book, your cake still looked delicious despite everything! I’m ashamed to say I haven’t tackled that cake yet — although I did just buy the ingredients for it — but after seeing your pics, and knowing that you think it’s yummy, I will most definitely take it on.) Have a wonderful 2014!