Get In The Photo!


I don’t remember who sent me the link to this post or whether I found it through Facebook. But I do recall that InesTricia, and I had messaged each other about how we also must “get in the picture”.


These days, as I compile and print the photos for my Project Life albums, I feel good about seeing the pictures of myself with Carlo. I don’t cringe (as much as I used to anyway, hahaha) about how I look in them or nitpick about whether my hair looks bad, my face has zits, or my double chin is prominently featured. (Ack!) I remind myself that what is important is the moment I want to capture, the memory I want to document, has been preserved in these pictures.


So let me take the wonderful idea from that post in 2012 a step further. I encourage you all … moms, dads, husbands, wives, with kids and without, married or single… to take more photos! And not just on special occasions or when you go on vacations/trips. Take photos of your daily, seemingly mundane activities. Include yourselves in the photo with your kid/s or pet/s or husband/wife as you have breakfast together in the morning. Capture the routine of you and your hubby brushing your teeth together at night before bedtime. Snap a selfie or a “groupie” in your car as you drop off the kids to school. Soooo many ideas. Be creative! It’ll be fun! And I promise, months and years from now, you’ll look back at the photos, and you’ll be glad you took them and that you were in them.

All these photos were taken with my iPhone. That’s the “camera” that’s with me the most. And to include myself in the shots with Carlo, if Charlie isn’t around to take our picture, I use the TimerCam app. (Note: I have not been paid to promote this app. It’s just the one I love and use the most.)


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  1. I remember this!!! Sigh … I still prefer to take photos of my girls (and boy) rather than be in the photos but it’s true that when my girls are older, I want them to see me in the photos with them too 🙂 love this, tree!!! Also, I’m so anti-selfies but selfies with my girls are a different matter altogether 🙂

    • I don’t like selfies either. Or myself in photos even with my Bugoy. But I often wish I had more photos with my mom and my bro when we were younger. And that thought and what you wrote (“I want them to see me in the photos with them too.”) is what prods me to set the self timer on my iPhone.

  2. Tree, love your post. And I love that the pictures you take with Carlo are action shots, not necessarily selfies. It captures all the things you do together that create memories. I agree also that I’m hardly in any of my photos because I’m too busy trying to capture the moment! Must get the timer app!
    Love ya,

    • Thanks mucho Trish!!! I love the app precisely for the reason you mentioned, the “action shots”. I think you’d have fun with it if you get the app 🙂