DIY: A Nifty Little Lamp


At night, when I washed the dishes and pots after we ate our dinner, I sometimes couldn’t tell whether I scrubbed everything clean. There were many mornings when I’d clear out the drying rack only to find that my pots still had crusty food bits in them or that I didn’t rinse the glasses well. Ugh.

I wanted a light above my sink. But I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a light fixture. Nor did I want to call an electrician to install whatever light fixture I managed to find.

(Note: We have a pretty well lit kitchen, with enough lighting. But for it to be bright enough for me to see what I’m doing while I’m standing in front of the sink, I would have to open all the lights. And I didn’t want to waste so much electricity just because I washed the dishes every night.)

Enter the Kvart wall lamp from Ikea.

The price was great! ($9!!) I could mount it on the wall with screws or simply clamp it to a shelf. (Yay for options!) It uses a replaceable LED bulb. (Others had bulbs that couldn’t be changed. So if the bulb died, I would have to throw away the entire lamp. Boo!) Lastly, the Kvart had a toggle switch already built in. (I didn’t want to keep plugging and un-plugging the lamp. Or worse, try to DIY installing a toggle switch. Hip, hip, hooray for the switch!)

Everything was great, except the color choices: black or silver. Either color would’ve stuck out too much in my mostly white kitchen. But I knew that changing the lamp’s color was an easy fix. So we bought the lamp, a silver one.

And now, it looks like this.


I did one light coat with white spray paint. After the paint dried, I sandpapered the shade to create a gritty texture. Then I spray painted it lightly again. Lastly, Carlo helped me dip the shade’s rim in watered-down blue paint, for the drippy effect I was going for.

But I didn’t stop there.

See, in my research for a lamp, I fell in love with all these lamps with cloth covered cords. But gah! The prices were crazy expensive!

etsylampsSources: Vintage Lamp #1 & Vintage Lamp #2

So I decided to try out an idea I had.

While Carlo was playing with his blocks, I got some twine and started wrapping it round and round the neck of the lamp.


And well, what do you know? My lamp turned out pretty darn cute! Or, as Carlo likes to say these days, nifty!


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    • Thanks Trish! Coming from someone who’s so creative herself, your compliment means the world!

  1. Hi,
    Very creative way to blend it well with the kitchen, and it looks pretty too 🙂

    I asked my friend who went to ikea to buy me this lamp too, but after I open it, it does not come with screws to mount it on the wall. Did yours come with screws or do we have to buy it ourselves?

    Hope you will reply, it will help me a lot 🙂 Thanks.

    • Hi Dewi!
      Thank you! It should come with two options: (1) screws and a backplate to mount in on the wall; (2) a clamp-like thing that you can use to screw-clamp it on to a shelf (which is what I did). The link below has some photos of what the wall mount and the clamp-like thing looks like. Hope this helps! 🙂