DIY Monogram Glitter Ornaments

I love Christmas! This time of the year, for me, really is the hap, happiest season of all! So as soon as I can manage it, usually right after Halloween, I bring out our tree. Nothing gets me in the celebratory, holiday spirit more than a festively decorated tree.

Today, I’m sharing an easy Christmas related craft that you can do with your toddler. In fact, Carlo asked me to make these glitter alphabet ornaments for him. I happily obliged.  

I guess Carlo was inspired by the glittery “Monogram” ornaments that he kept playing with each time we were at Target. Around two weeks ago, when we were there, he asked “Mama, you make for Carlo? I want the whole alphabet!” “Sure, Carlo-bear! I definitely can!”, I replied. And it would definitely cost me less than $52!!  


For this project you will need:
– glitter
– balsa wood letters (I bought our set a while back at Dollarama, a Canadian dollar store)
– white glue or Mod Podge
drill (optional)
fishing line, nylon string, twine, or ribbon (optional)


I carefully drilled holes into the letters with the smallest drill bit we had in our set. (This is purely an optional step.) Then, I asked Carlo to help me spread glue onto each letter.


Now for the fun part, sprinkle or shake glitter onto each letter. It was messy but we both had such a good time!


Once the glue dries, you’re ready to thread some fishing line through each ornament. I said above that this was an optional step because I discovered that the wooden letters are sturdy enough to be nestled against the branches. I didn’t need to hang them.

But if you don’t want an alphabet themed tree, you could make a holiday garland out of these letters. Attach the glittery letters to a long strand of ribbon or twine, and spell out “Merry Christmas”, “Fa La La La La”, “Peace, Love, Joy” or whatever phrase you’d like.  


Carlo and I love how this project turned out. I love that they’re not breakable and that they have meaning as we did it together. Carlo loves them, well… because they’re what he asked for. Hahaha. But seriously, he has such fun looking for them on our tree, singing the alphabet song at the top of his lungs as he searches for the letters. Of course, we now have a dusting of glitter everywhere. And why not? What are the holidays about if not for lots sparkle and glitter?

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