DIY Project: Honeycomb Hallway Mirror


I’m so over this winter.

I seriously can’t wait for the temps to warm up. There are so many things I want to do but I can’t. I’m itching to finish up some of last year’s projects (like painting our garage-into-the-mudroom steps) and tackling on new ones (like painting a chalkboard/magnetic board or wall for Carlo to scribble and draw on). But I can’t. Because it’s just too darn cold outside that I can’t even open our windows for more than 10 minutes. Painting indoors, with no ventilation, is a major no-no. Unless of course, I want me and my toddler to get high. Hmmmm…. ;p

Anyway… Moving on…

This post is my way of reliving one of my best DIY projects to date. One that I finished last October when the temps were cool and I could open the freaking windows!!! (Can you tell that I’m suffering from major winter blehs? Hahaha.)

I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/180284791306837705. But I do not have the budget or any idea where to have custom, laser-engraved mirrors made.  So I decided to do a hack. And you can do it too!

For this project, you’ll need hexagon mirrors (I used 2 boxes for a total of 20 mirrors), glass etching cream, letter stencils, and 3M Command Picture Hanging strips.


I first made a list of what I wanted to etch on the mirrors.  I settled on phrases or slogans that comprise my fundamental rules of life: “Be Kind”, “Do Your Best”, “No Regrets”, etc.  You get the idea. You could do any phrase that has meaning for you or your family.

If you can’t find glass etching cream, acrylic or craft paint works too.  And if you can’t find the paint or the stencils, you could do this with letter stickers! How cool would it be to have a phrase on your child’s mirror that says “You are awesome!” or “Be You!”?


It took me a while, around 3 weeks I would say, to finish stencilling all my phrases on to the mirrors.  I did two mirrors whenever I could, in between toddler activities and everyday chores.  I also only etched 10 out of the 20 mirrors as I wanted there to be a nice mix of engraved and plain ones (like my inspiration from Pinterest).

Before putting the mirrors up, I cut up old magazine pages/scratch paper to use as a template for hanging. I’m a visual person, so laying them out on the wall with the paper cut-outs, allowed me to readjust the placement of the hexagons till I was satisfied with the over-all look. (Carlo, by the way, had a blast helping me stick the paper templates up on the wall. So if you have little ones, like I do, this is a fun way to get them involved with your DIY projects.)


Then it’s time to stick your mirrors on the wall.

I really love the 3M Command line of products.  I first used their hooks in our old condo, when we were renting, and pulling them off is really a breeze.  Plus, they don’t peel the paint!

I’m sooooooo happy with how my hack turned out. 🙂


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    • Thanks Trish! Mwah!

      Aside from the ones that you can sort of see on the first photo like “Be Kind”, “Do Your Best”, & “No Regrets”, I have mirrors with “Be Grateful”, “Be Honest”, “Live Life”, “Laugh Often”, “Love Lots”, “Relax & Breathe” and “Have Faith”.

    • Hi Shirl! Glad you stopped by and liked my DIY. That little, narrow, two toned table in my entryway is from Room And Board. It’s the smallest one from this series.

  1. Ahh love this! I have some of those mirrors laying around right now. I took them off the wall of my old room, and the sticky pads that came from Ikea were a damn NIGHTMARE to remove. I’ve been wondering if those command strips would work! How many did you use per mirror??

    • Hi Blair! Thank you! 🙂 Yes, those sticky pads that come with the Ikea mirrors are truly a bloody PAIN to remove! I can totally relate. Hahaha.

      I used the largest command strips. I also used one strip per mirror BUT first I cut the strip in half so that I’d have two skinnier strips (one for the top and another skinny strip for the bottom). I hope that made sense.

      And in case you were wondering: It’s been 2 years since I’ve put the mirrors up and those skinny strips have done their work! None of the mirrors have fallen!