How I Chose a Preschool for My Daughter

This is my very first request post! A friend messaged me a few days ago asking if I could blog about how I chose a preschool for Addie because she’s currently looking for one for her daughter. I was so thrilled, I agreed!

I can break it down into simple steps.

1. Talk to co-parents who have the same parenting philosophy as yours.

It won’t be hard to find them because you’re usually hanging around them anyway. Ask them why they sent their kids there, what is it they like and value, and how their kids are doing. Talk to parents whose kids are older so you can also see how they are faring in big school. You can even talk to the kids!

2. Make a shortlist of the schools you want to visit.

Try to keep it down to two or three. You don’t want to get overwhelmed. You’ll get a good idea about how the school works from talking to parents and visiting their websites anyway.

3. Call the schools you want to visit and make an appointment.

A lot of articles I’ve read suggest bringing your child along when you do this. I don’t think it’s a good idea because you want to be the one to make the decision, not your child. So visit the school first, talk to the teachers, look around, and if they allow it, sit in a class. That’s the best way for you to see whether the place will be a fit for your little one.

4. Visit with your kid.

If you aren’t sure where to send your child and you’ve narrowed it down to two really good choices, then you can bring your child into picture. Observe which school she likes better and seems more comfortable in. But don’t ask her to choose—because this might be a problem in the future when you want to choose her big school and she thinks it’s up to her when, really, it isn’t (speaking from experience here!).

I think what makes it hard is figuring out what you want in a preschool. But you’ll have an idea once you start talking to people. Then you can even make a list of likes and dislikes and take it from there.

Good luck! I hope this helped!

Love, Ines

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