No Judgment. (Is there such a thing?)

Judgment. It’s all around us, in the eyes of everyone we meet, it seems, and maybe even more prevalent and insidious today because of social media. Everyone has an opinion — and not just any Read More »

The Right Stuff

I used to pride myself on getting the job done. I would take on lots of assignments, reveling in the challenge and in the work (yes, the work). And now, despite being interrupted every few Read More »

Freebie: iPhone Wallpaper Psalm 111:1

Happy New Year everyone! My Carlo went back to school last Monday but I think we are all still suffering from a vacation hangover. We’re definitely not yet back to our regular school day routine. Read More »


Today is a special day. It isn’t just Halloween, it’s Treena’s birthday and we wanted to surprise her on the blog. We wanted to let her know what an awesome job she’s doing as a Read More »