What’s In Your Heart

Nineteen-year-old Natividad—named after her deceased grandaunt, a fact she thoroughly resents—is not going to win an award for Best in Goal Setting any time soon. She doesn’t even know what her real goals are, aside from simultaneously pining for and getting over smart, hot, talented, charming Gabe, whose glossy perfection both dazzles and depresses her. Then the universe deals her a wake-up call in three sure steps: 1) she starts an internship at a preschool, where the kids are chaotic but cute; 2) she finds an intriguing, potentially life-changing stash of letters addressed to her grandmother from her namesake grandaunt; and 3) she falls into a weird friendship with Luis, the boy with an infectious smile who seems determined to rescue her from Gabe—and from herself. Will this wake-up call finally push her life forward, or is Natividad, much like her old-fashioned name, doomed to forever live in the past?

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