Around Here | September 2015


This is what’s going on around here lately…

Around here the leaves are turning into the most awesome shades of red, orange, and yellow. The weather is turning nippy. Fall is indeed here. I love sweater and hoodie weather! I love scarves! I love dressing in light layers and being able to wear boots! Now, if only it would stay this way for the next couple of months so we do not have such a harsh, winter. #wishfulthinking

Around here I am reclaiming more space in our home. (Yay!) I’ve organized the toy cabinet in our family room. I have culled a boxful of books he’s outgrown to donate to our local library. And in the next few days, I’m planning to go through our closets in another Marie-Kondo-“Does it spark joy?” spree. Plus, Carlo has been pretty good about tidying up after himself these days. (Double Yay!) #nomoresteppingonlegos #thepurgecontinues

Around here we are all getting used to a new routine. In the past, we would sleep at close to midnight. Even Carlo. Now, I find myself getting sleepy when he does, which is by 8:45 to 9:00 pm. And we’re all awake by 7 am; whereas, in the past, Carlo would sleep in till 10am. But it’s been really nice to be together as a family, each of us puttering about during the morning before we all get going. #greatwaytostarttheday

Around here Carlo has started school and he loves it! Yes, there were tears on day 1. A few more on day 2. But by the third day, he didn’t cry at all. (Woohoo!) And when he started his second week of school, he asked me if we could leave for school earlier so that he could have more time to play. (Score!) I am loving that he loves school! #schooliscool

Around here I love bringing Carlo into his classroom each morning. I love that he proudly shows me what he’s worked on the day before. I love that each day he brings me over to the little board in his classroom where his teacher puts up the day’s schedule and he reads it out to me. Most of all, I love that he and I give “big squeezies and smoochies” to one another before I leave him in the room. #pricelessmoments

Around here I am also purging my electronic files. I’ve been pretty good about backing up the photos from my iPhone, our cameras, and Charlie’s iPhone. But I have not been so good at organizing said backups into some sort of system. I’ve got duplicates, sometimes triplicates of the same photo or video in different files and hard drives. Frankly, it’s a complete mess. It’s just all hidden in the computer. Ugh. #somuchwastedspace


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