Around Here | February 2015


This is what’s going on around here lately…

Around here I have given up Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for Lent. I find that I don’t really miss them as much as I thought I would.

Around here I downloaded the Thinkrolls app for Carlo. I love that it teaches him about basic science concepts (like heat, buoyancy, and gravity) and that it encourages problem solving in a fun, intuitive way. He’s asked me to help him with some of the puzzles where he has gotten stuck, but mostly, he has figured out how to navigate the twists and turns all by himself. So cool!

Around here we are still potty training. Yep, we’re on month two of what I’m calling Active Reminding, a.k.a. in plain Tagalog as pangungulit (nagging). Now whenever I need to go, I make him go too (even if he just sits on the potty and there’s no pee).

Around here Charlie and I watched two “new” movies on TV last week: Cars 2 and Big Hero 6. I loved Baymax and Hiro! Gosh, I can’t remember when I last watched a movie in a theater. Nor do I recall what the movie even was.

Around here I am speaking to Carlo more and more in Tagalog these days. Even if he won’t be fluent in it, if I can get him to understand conversational Filipino, I’ll consider that a win. Because now that I’m older, I wish that I knew how to speak/understand Fookien better.

Around here I am learning to re-jigger leftovers into new meals for my family. Maybe it’s all the Chopped episodes I’ve been watching, but I’ve been having lots of fun trying to use what’s in my freezer and pantry so that no food goes to waste.

Around here Carlo built his first Lego vehicle by himself. He studied the 85-step instruction booklet and tried to follow the diagrams. He made some mistakes but he (and I!) couldn’t be prouder of the little car he assembled.

Around here I was blown away by Lady Gaga’s performance at the Oscars last Sunday. When I first read online that she was slated to perform a medley of songs from the Sound of Music, I inwardly groaned. (Who saw Carrie Underwood’s disastrous version?) But Gaga was seriously, incredibly a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

Around here I can’t wait for warmer weather. We’ve had a string of days where the temps have been -20°C and lower (that’s -4°F! for those of you in the US). This winter has been brutal and I’m glad to be escaping to a more tropical climate for a little while.   

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