Almost No Sew Cushion Covers

I was doing some blog maintenance this morning and I found this post in our draft folder. I wrote the entry back in February a few days after I finished the cushion covers and I don’t know why I didn’t publish it then. *shrugs* But given that we’re beginning to potty train a certain little someone at this time, let me just say, that I’m very glad that I did this project months ago.

Our family room’s couch is one of the good, solid pieces of furniture that we have in our home. Charlie and I took our time picking out one we both liked and we were sofa-less for months after we moved in. After going to several stores, we picked this leather one over a fabric covered one because we figured the leather would be more durable and easy to care for. And it is. But… sometimes, I just want to change things up with the decor in the house (which is probably a girl thing because Charlie never gets these urges… hahaha) and after thinking about what I could do, I had this flash of inspiration. It’s a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to do a make-over starring couch cushions. Best of all, you don’t really have to know how to sew to do it.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:


I took two old bed sheets and cut each in half as I had four cushions I needed to cover. Then, I placed a cushion in the center of the sheet. Jumping/running/lying down on the cushion before proceeding to the next step is strictly optional, but oh-so-fun!


After making sure that the pattern on the sheet was where I wanted it to be, I began to “gift-wrap” the cushion with the cloth. Instead of taping the edges shut, I sewed on buttons and used pony-tail holders to secure them.  (I got the idea from one of those envelopes that have fasteners where you loop a string around these two circles attached to the top and bottom of the opening.  Who remembers those?)


Make sure you wrap the sheet tightly around the cushion and that’s it!!!! You’re done!


The covers have been toddler tested too. Carlo climbs, runs, and jumps on the cushions every day and they stay put. No adjusting and re-tucking necessary. AND if he pukes or pees on them, no problem and no stinky upholstery. I just need to throw the sheet in the washing machine. Easy, peasy.

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    • *blush* Awwww. Thanks Janelley. The ponytail fasteners were born out of frustration and need. Hahaha. Because I actually first just tucked the sheet in like you would with a bed. But I had to keep retucking them in because whenever Carlo would climb/jump/walk on the cushions, the sheet would get dislodged. Then I used safety pins to hold it together; but then quickly realized that safety pins aren’t exactly safe or child proof. 😮

  1. And your couch looks nice! Well at least what I see of it hahaha! Leather wouldn’t work in our hot weather :(.

    • Thanks! I’m really happy with this DIY! And I think come fall or winter, I might just swap out the current cotton sheets for plusher, fleece blankets so that the cushion covers will give us added warmth.

  2. Treena, that is so Galeng!!! I love the ponytail fasteners! You are so good with these DIY projects. And you always have a little helper to help and test out the finished project. Haha.