Active to Lazy Mothering. Can you relate?

Just a few more days until we go on our summer break and it feels like a crawl to the finish line. It may be because we haven’t had a quick break from our daily routine for a couple of months, or the heat, or could be age (I always blame age for everything!), but, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about summer break! So excited that…

… my son’s heavy-breakfast-because-it’s-the most-important-meal-of-the-day is now cereals and milk.

… my son’s snacks have graduated from patiently prepared cool-shaped sandwiches to a pack of biscuits in his lunch bag.

… my daily checks of the Home-School Communications Notebook has come to “Hi, Mommy, we sent the note in the HSCN last week.”

… my thoughful Viber reminders to my co-parents have become almost snide remarks like, “Yes, they sent an email about it.”

… my usual OC self who normally has school breaks mapped out like a military boot camp has nothing planned.

I’m just really looking forward to the first day of summer break and not doing anything. Aaaahhh, I can almost taste it.

HOWEVER, if I were to be really honest, I know that I won’t survive the summer break without sending my son to a summer class (or 2!) at least once a week, otherwise I’ll have the exact same feeling I am having right now and say “I can’t wait for school to start!” Hahaha! So, any suggestions for a cool summer class this June?

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