The Backstory

In one of the iMessaging conversations between Treena, Tricia, and Ines, someone (we're not sure anymore) came up with the idea of Treena starting a blog about her being "Not Such An Undomestic Goddess" (after a hashtag Treena would use on her Instagram). But after a few more text messages, Treena suggested all three of them do the blog so they can keep in touch through another platform and learn from each other's everyday projects as well. (Hence our blog's name, The Every Day Project.)

Since our first post back in February 2014, we've grown (a little). Anne is now part of this merry mix. And we have guest contributors, like Christine, who pop in every now and then.

So even if we aren't too sure about how to go about this blogging business (let alone this life and motherhood business!), we are all taking this leap into the unknown and sharing a part of ourselves with you.