The #38at38list

(Left) If a recipe calls for cooking in just one pot, I’ll give it a shot. This one hit all the right notes. (Right) Bibimbap is one of my favorite Korean dishes. I wanted to try to see if I could make it at home. Many steps to make it but oh-so-worth the time.

I make my new year’s resolutions on my birthday rather than on the start of the calendar year. I find that I stick to them more this way. I also like that by setting goals for myself on my birthday, I can say to myself that I did so-and-so and I accomplished this-and-that at the end of the natal year.

Last year, I set a rather lofty goal for myself. I made 38 resolutions/mini-projects/goals to keep or do before I turned a year older. I completed 22 of them. (Yay!) Others are a work-in-progess like potty training Carlo or completing the layouts for Carlo’s baby album. And on a few goals, I changed my mind about them midway through the year; mainly because they didn’t fit with our family’s schedule like planting more flowers in the garden and finishing the drip irrigation system in the front yard.

Today, however, I’m blogging about one of those goals that I was successful with.

I love reading cookbooks. And gosh, I’m amassing quite a collection. So when I turned 38, I promised myself that I would cook or bake at least 38 new recipes from my cookbooks. (Hence, the hashtag #38at38list in the title above.)

(Left) This Magic Green Stuff is from the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook. I used it to make uber yummy wings. (Right) I served the fro-yo for dessert when we had friends over. Ahh, memories of summer and warmer temps!

I decided to share this personal triumph with you, not to brag, but to challenge you also to try and cook/bake something new for your family.

I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to planning our meals, I have a tendency to fall back on the quick-and-easy, the tried-and-true. Chicken adobo! Sinigang! Pasta with pomodoro sauce! Rinse and repeat. Hahaha.

Then, there are times when I’m just too exhausted to give a hoot about salt-intake, saturated fat and sugar content. Those days I nuke the frozen pizza I always have on hand or Carlo and I have oatmeal for dinner. Ha! So, in setting this goal last year, I figured that 38 new recipes was certainly doable. After all, I had 52 weeks to do it.

I kept track of my progress with pictures on my phone. I loved having a photo journal to track my progress. It was very motivating for me to see how many new dishes I already made. The photos also are triggers for the events that occurred during that day. Because for me, food is more than just nutrition. It’s about time with family and friends. So having this record of all these new dishes, brings to mind the fun times we had that day too.

(Left) I brought these mini quiches to a friend’s house where Carlo and I made new friends. (Right) Thug Kitchen is my current fave food blog and cookbook. Their tofu steak recipe is damn good!

I found myself exceeding the 38 target I had set. In the process, I’ve found new quick-and-easy recipes to add to our meal plans. And it was fun!!!

Go on, now. It’s your turn. Have a look at your cookbooks and pick out a new recipe that looks appealing. You too might just find another dish to add to your family’s favorites.

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